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My Shopping Links

I love to shop online.


I must admit that I am really into shoppiing online. I have spent quite a bit of time searching for new sites. I find that you can get better prices online.  You can also take your time finding the things you want without a sales person pushing things on you..


I have a tendency to want to buy everything in the store whether it be at the grocery store or cvs or one of my favorite shops on Melrose. Of course I love to shop in the store too but the shops never close online and there is always something new to see.


I want to share all the links that I have gathered. Lots of sexy clothing, costumes, furniture,  shoes, bikinis, lingerie and other cool sites that I find interesting. 


I am really into modern baroque furniture. I have a really dope hot pink and silver throne chair that I love and am waiting for the hot pink couch to arrive along with this bad ass glossy black bedroom set. It is very ornate and sexy.


I love anything that sparkles or is unique. I love high heels and I love sexy dresses or anything that ia hot.


I guess you could say that I am a real girly girl in a sense but I also am not afraid to get dirty or just be one of the guys 

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